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To Whom It May Concern:

So you want a letter of reference for Charlie Newman, do you? Well, it just so happens I had the privilege of working with Mr. Newman for many years as a writer under his creative direction. During that time, it became quite evident to me that he had a talent for not only
leadership, but for creativity as well. He constantly encouraged me to find unconventional solutions, pushing my personal creative envelope to higher and higher levels. Yet I never felt like an underling.

I found him to be an excellent resource for creativity as well, having worked with him on several effective and award-winning campaigns.  Furthermore, I have always admired his clear, intuitive writing style.  So much so, in fact, that traces of it can still be seen in my own ad
copy. And to top it off, hes one hell of a swell guy outside of work, as well. If you have any further questions concerning Mr. Newman, please feel free to call me at your convenience at the number below.


Eric Hahn
Senior Writer
Creative Alliance, Inc.
(502) 584-8787


Contact Charlie via Email at zootsuitbeatnick@yahoo.com