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To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of working with Charles Newman for over 10 years in my capacity as Marketing Director for The Louisville Ballet.  He was the creative energy behind four major advertising campaigns. he not only has the creative talent but he knows how to put all the facets together to bring those ideas to completion. He understands every aspect of business and is one of those rare individuals who make it all happen.

In looking back over all our campaigns, those that Charles created combine the artistic vision and needs of the Ballet with common sense approaches that reached and touched our audiences and potential subscribers. They were successful in attaining marketing goals that,
as everyone knows, is the bottom line. This was extremely important as we are a non-profit organization that makes every dollar work as if it were ten.

He is one of the most creative people I have had the privilege to work with. Anyone who has that opportunity should take it.


Linda C. Walker
Director of Marketing
The Louisville Ballet

Contact Charlie via Email at zootsuitbeatnick@yahoo.com