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Charlie writes ‘truck crashes through wall’ in the video column and off we go on this wild production for the Kentucky Lottery. We made a forced perspective set with breakaway walls, shot with extreme wide angle lenses and the truck turns out to be a U Haul trailer painted to look like an armored car. It hits a stop 2 feet in front of the camera. n The doors spring open, and out pours a huge pile of gold coins. On the last shot, the ceiling of the set collapses. We use it.

Charlie wants to do something special for a McDonald’s promotion. We find ourselves in a Quonset hut overlooking a spectacular canyon in telluride, Colorado, talking to one of the top animators in the country. He’s too expensive to actually use, but he’s happy to consult. Digital compositing is a new thing at the time. We wonder how many layers we can put in a sequence and how to choreograph each layer so they work together. This is before nonlinear days. If we make a mistake in the edit, we start over. Charlie reads a magazine.  The rest of us sweat.

The local bank wants an updated image TV spot to air locally during the Superbowl. They get it. Boy, is it updated. Looks like an acid trip. We watch the Superbowl at the bank president’s house. he loves it.

Charlie has no fear.

Thanks Charlie.

Dennis Goodman
Riverrun Moving Pictures, Inc.


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